Tildabeth Doscher

Tildabeth Doscher

Tildabeth Doscher MD, MPH

UBMD Family Medicine


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I am a Board-Certified Preventive Medicine Physician, also Boarded in Addiction Medicine. My work as an Addiction Medicine physician encompasses a multitude of roles. I work in several clinical settings…a methadone treatment program, an outpatient comprehensive Substance Use Disorder (SUD) facility, and an extended stay residential facility. I am involved in training both seasoned providers and medical students in the art and science of Substance Use treatment. I am also the Fellowship Director for, and a graduate from, the University at Buffalo Addiction Medicine Fellowship

As an Addiction Medicine Physician, I feel that I have been given a gift in being able to help care for some of the bravest people I have ever known. The life-stories the clients share with me are profound. People who are suffering from Substance Use Disorders suffer not only from the chronic disease of Addiction, but they suffer greatly from the immense burden of social, professional, judicial, and self-imposed stigma. I am devoted to helping change the landscape of Substance Use Disorder identification and treatment for the people I serve.

As the Addiction Medicine Fellowship Director, I am part of a team that is crafting an ever-evolving program geared to meeting the needs of the individuals that I am fortunate enough to both guide and learn from.

Substance related conditions create the vast majority of the chronic illnesses in our country and are not limited to any age, creed, economic or social class. SUD is an equal-opportunity illness. It is essential that the identification and treatment of the illness is approached with the compassion, respect, and evidence-based care that is afforded to other chronic, devastating illnesses such as diabetes and heart-disease. It is important that we move forward with a “beginner’s mind” when approaching this problem and allow for new perspectives as we forge our way forward.

One of the essential aspects of creating a care model that is truly effective lies in coordination of efforts among many disciplines. A good deal of my day-to-day efforts lie in building networks in western New York to provide whole community engagement in the transformation of beliefs, attitudes and knowledge around SUD in order to ensure increased availability and access to services in our area, and to hopefully provide a model for other areas of the country to follow.

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This UBMD physician is also a member of the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo, teaching the next generation of doctors and researching to advance care in WNY and beyond. Learn more about this physician's research and teaching activities, as well as view credentials, publications, professional involvement and more below.

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