Stephanie, Ficarro

Specialty: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; Clinical Psychology; Forensic Psychiatry; Psychiatry; Psychology

Location(s): Erie County Forensic Mental Health Services (Buffalo)
Phone: 716-858-6026
Marlon, Koenigsberg
Family Medicine

Specialty: Clinical Psychology; Family Medicine

Location(s): UBMD Family Medicine of Amherst (Williamsville)
Phone: (716) 688-9641
Jeffrey, Lackner

Specialty: Behavioral Medicine; Clinical Psychology; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Pain; Pain - Chronic Pain / Complex Pain Syndromes; Pain Management

Location(s): UBMD Behavioral Medicine Clinic (Buffalo)
Phone: 716-898-5671
Sara, Lowmaster

Specialty: Clinical Psychology; Psychiatry; Psychology

Phone: 716-8984857