Sleep Disorder Resources: Sleeping Too Much

Why Is My Child Sleeping Too Much?

What Should I Do Next?

Contact our office to schedule an appointment with our sleep medicine experts!  You can reach us via email or phone:




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Sleep Studies

The UBMD Pediatrics Sleep Center is expanding! The sleep lab is temporarily closed so UBMD Peds themselves can take over the operations. We will resume studies as quickly as possible and will keep all of our patients updated. We are working diligently to contact all of you and are sending out a letter with other options while we wait. Please contact our team at or 716-323-0370 with any questions.”

After your first visit, or if you are already a patient with us, our physicians may recommend that your child undergoes a sleep study.  A sleep study is a dedicated test to diagnose sleep disorders.  One of our licensed sleep technicians will monitor your child's heart rate, blood oxygen levels, breathing patterns and more.  Once completed, the sleep medicine team will review and assess the data to tailor treatment to help your child get normal, restful sleep.

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