2021 WNY Top Doctors

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Published December 29, 2020

Over 100 physicians with UBMD Physicians' Group have been selected as Western New York Top Doctors through Buffalo Spree magazine. The list was compiled through a peer-review survey of Western New York physicians in Erie and Niagara counties.


"We're incredibly proud of our physicians for their continued dedication to our patients and everyone in WNY," said Kevin Gibbons, MD, executive director of UBMD Physicians' Group.

"All of our physicians play a unique and essential role in WNY healthcare by working across health systems, providing in-patient and outpatient care, as well as leading clinical research and teaching the physicians of tomorrow through our work at the University at Buffalo."

Physicians from 14 UBMD practices across 47 specialties were named to this year's list.


  • Mark Lema, MD, PhD

Emergency Medicine

  • Joshua Lynch, DO
  • Robert F. McCormack, MD
  • Michael J. Mineo, MD

Family Medicine

  • Tildabeth Doscher, MD
  • Daniel J. Morelli, MD
  • Diana G. Wilkins, MD

Internal Medicine

  • Hiroko Beck, MD
  • Sean P. Brady, MD
  • Ajay Chaudhuri, MD
  • Thomas R. Cimato, MD, PhD
  • Elie R. Chemaly, MD, PhD
  • Carla A. Frederick, MD
  • William J. Gibbons, MD
  • Susan Graham, MD
  • Aasha Harish, MD
  • Vijay Iyer, MD, PhD
  • Anthony Martinez, MD
  • Jamie N. Nadler, MD
  • Christina L. Padgett, DO
  • Brian J. Page, MD
  • Karin Provost, DO, PhD
  • Ramon E. Rivera, MD
  • Stanley Schwartz, MD, PhD
  • Rajeev Sharma, MBBS, MD
  • Eric Ten Brock, MD
  • Bruce R. Troen, MD


  • Osman Farooq, MD
  • Norah S. Lincoff, MD
  • Melissa Rayhill, MD
  • Robert N. Sawyer, Jr., MD
  • Nicholas J. Silvestri, MD
  • Arie L. Weinstock, MD


  • Jason M. Davies, MD, PhD
  • Kevin J. Gibbons, MD
  • Elad I. Levy, MD, MBA
  • Veetai Li, MD
  • Robert J. Plunkett, MD
  • John Pollina, MD
  • Renée Reynolds, MD
  • Adnan H. Siddiqui, MD, PhD
  • Jafar W. Siddiqui, MD
  • Kenneth V. Snyder, MD, PhD

Obstetrics & Gynecology

  • Paul L. Ogburn, MD


  • Andrew Reynolds, MD

Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

  • Robert Ablove, MD
  • Leslie J. Bisson, MD
  • James J. Czyrny, MD
  • Michael R. Ferrick, MD
  • Marc S. Fineberg, MD
  • Michael S. Freitas, MD
  • Jennifer Gurske-dePerio, MD
  • Christopher Hamill, MD
  • Rajiv K. Jain, MD
  • Joseph B. Kuechle, MD, PhD
  • John J. Leddy, MD
  • Brian E. McGrath, MD
  • Christopher Mutty, MD
  • Matthew J. Phillips, MD
  • Christopher Ritter, MD
  • Bernhard J. Rohrbacher, MD


  • Mark L. Nagy, MD
  • Michael P. Pizzuto, MD


  • Osama Almadhoun, MD
  • Steven Ambrusko, MD, MS
  • Ted Andrews, MD, PhD
  • Fred Archer, MD
  • Barbara Bambach, MD
  • Matthew Barth, MD
  • Kathleen E. Bethin, MD, PhD
  • Ryan Breuer, MD
  • John G. Buchlis, MD
  • Dalinda A. Condino, MD
  • Jessica A. Donhauser, MD
  • Richard W. Erbe, MD
  • Danielle M. Goetz, MD
  • Oscar G. Gómez, MD, PhD
  • Deepali Handa, MD, MBA
  • Michelle E. Hartley-McAndrew, MD
  • Amanda B. Hassinger, MD, MS
  • Teresa R. Hennon, MD
  • Mark Hicar, MD, PhD
  • Kara Kelly, MD
  • Bree Kramer, DO
  • Dennis Kuo, MD, MHS
  • Heather K. Lehman, MD
  • Lucy D. Mastrandrea, MD, PhD
  • Jayasree Nair, MD
  • Jane Parmington, MD
  • Anne Marie Reynolds, MD, MPH
  • Denise A. Rokitka, MD, MPH
  • Laurie S. Sadler, MD
  • Beverly Schaefer, MD
  • Daniel W. Sheehan, PhD, MD
  • Shauna L. Tarsi, DO
  • Stephen J. Turkovich, MD
  • Clare J. Twist, MD, MS
  • Sheri L. Wagner, MD
  • Wayne R. Waz, MD
  • Xiaoyan Wu, MD, PhD
  • Karl O.A. Yu, MD, PhD


  • Michael S. Adragna, MD
  • Victoria L. Brooks, MD
  • Paula A. DelRegno, MD
  • Biswarup Ghosh, MD
  • Joshna Singh, MD
  • Beth A. Smith, MD


  • Timothy M. Adams, MD
  • Steven M. Barone, MD
  • Jeffrey Brewer, MD
  • John L. Butsch, MD
  • Gregory S. Cherr, MD
  • Maciej L. Dryjski, MD
  • Mark A. Falvo, MD
  • Carroll M. Harmon, MD, PhD
  • Linda M. Harris, MD
  • Ajay Panchal, MD
  • Steven D. Schwaitzberg, MD
  • Kaveh Vali, MD
  • Jeffrey J. Visco, MD


  • K. Kent Chevli, MD
  • Richard N. Gilbert, MD

Buffalo Spree annually publishes this list. According to Buffalo Spree, "Buffalo Spree’s 2021 Top Doctors list is researched, rigorously screened, and provided by PRS/Professional Research Services, a nationally known research company based in Troy, Michigan."