To stay connected with our patients and families, we now offer UBMD CareConnect, our new telemedicine service. 

UBMD CareConnect provides access to the vital care you need without coming to the office. For each visit, your provider will determine if the appointment can be done by video call, phone call or if an in-person visit is required.

Checking-in to your CareConnect visit

Just like an in-person appointment, you must be scheduled for a CareConnect virtual appointment.

Follow these steps to attend a scheduled CareConnect Appointment

  1. Make sure the device you're using has Google Chrome, Safari or Firebox browser. Our telemedicine service is only compatible with these internet browsers.
  2. When it is time for your appointment, make sure you are either on wi-fi or in a place where you have good internet service. 
  3. Click below to find and select your clinician’s room name.
  4. Enter your name to check-in and the call will start once your provider is ready and enters the waiting room.