Research & You

Dr. Sanjay Sethi in the lab at UB.

Published March 25, 2021

Our physicians are more than caregivers and experts in their field, they are also researchers and professors at the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo. We look for opportunities for you to participate in our research and provide innovative care for our patients not available elsewhere in the community.


As both physicians and researchers, our providers are continually advancing the care and treatment provided locally, nationally and internationally. Our UBMD physician-researchers also expand our knowledge and understanding about diseases and conditions that plague our world.

“As an example, when the COVID-19 epidemic emerged, we had therapeutic trials for this disease available to our patients within 3-4 weeks, so that we could do more than just supportive care,” said Sanjay Sethi, MD, vice chair of research at the Jacobs School and division chief of Pulmonology, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine at UBMD Internal Medicine and the Jacobs School. “Research in COVID-19 at UB has already resulted in about 150 scientific publications, with many more to come.” 

Research can take many forms. Sometimes it’s in the lab, the exam room, or as simple as asking participants to take an online survey. Through the research endeavors of our UBMD physician-researchers, our providers are not only able to enhance the care given, but provide an opportunity for you to be involved in research, too.

Our providers conduct research on an ongoing basis. A benefit of being a UBMD patient is that you may be able to join a clinical trial. If your provider believes you could be a candidate for a research study, you may receive a letter inviting you to participate.

But don’t worry, all your health information remains protected and guarded to our highest of standards.

“The ability to screen Electronic Heath Records to identify patients who could meet criteria to be enrolled in a particular clinical trial has become a vital recruitment tool,” Sethi said.

“Of course, this is only an invitation to participate, with the choice to participate remaining entirely with the patient,” Sethi continued. “Existing and future care is in no way affected by the decision to participate or not participate in a clinical trial.” 

While you could be notified, you are also welcome to look for studies to participate in. To see what research is available by UBMD providers and others at the Jacobs School, please visit the Participate in Research portal. Another great way to enhance your chances to participate in research is by joining the Buffalo Research Registry.