Thanksgiving Safety 2020

Photo text reads: "Happy Thanksgiving".

Published November 25, 2020

We want to see everyone in our community stay safe and protected from COVID-19. 


With Thanksgiving tomorrow, we know there is added pressure to bring together our loved ones, visit and share a meal.

However, this time around, show your love by gathering virtually and have Thanksgiving with just those you live with. You can still have the same laughs through your smart device or computer.

Stay connected by combining the traditional with the new

Thanksgiving dinner

  • If you want to share the same meal, consider cooking Thanksgiving dinner with a mask on and packing it up picnic style to deliver to your loved one’s porch. Then, when everyone has their meal, gather around the computer and dig in!
  • Virtual potluck! Have everyone make the same protein, but change out the sides! Try out new side dishes and tell your family why you think it should be a staple at the next Thanksgiving gathering.
  • Make it your own! Who says you have to plain mashed potatoes when garlic mashed potatoes or cheesy potatoes are your favorite? With Thanksgiving scaled down to just your household, make just your favorites.
  • Order in! A potential benefit to not having the usual large gathering is you can save yourself the stove time and support a local business. Order your Thanksgiving Day meal from a local restaurant.

Virtual pro-tips

Virtual background example with fall foliage and the words "Thanksgiving 2020" written near the top.

We’ve prepared some fun and festive virtual backgrounds you can add to your feast time!

Check them out here.

And, to help you celebrate safely, Zoom has removed it’s 40-minute limit, so you can connect with your family all day!

Thanksgiving activities

  • Who says hand turkeys have to be just for kids? Have everyone in the family make a hand turkey and then when we can all celebrate together again, put all the hand turkeys’ together and make a Thanksgiving wreath with them. Honor that your time apart may allow for more holidays together.
  • Have a grateful guessing game! Have one person be the moderator and in charge of getting every person’s “What are you thankful for?” response. Then have the moderator read an answer one at a time and have everyone guess whose response is whose! The more specific the answer, the more fun guessing you will have!
  • Play board games with people in your household
  • Bring back the tradition – watch the Thanksgiving Day parade at home, or watch sports games or holiday movies

Best practices for a safe Thanksgiving

Timeline of how a negative test result doesn't mean COVID-19 free.
  • Follow public health recommendations and don't gather with those outside of your household. Gatherings should have no more than 10 people.
  • If you've had a recent negative test, that does not mean you are COVID-19 free. You may still be within 14 days of a COVID-19 exposure and may spread it to others.
  • Cook a meal for your household, or support a local restaurant and order your Thanksgiving meal to-go.
  • Add new activities to your day! Talk with those in your household about ways to make the day extra special. 
  • If you don't feel well, call your primary care provider, stay home and limit contact with family members until advised otherwise. Together with your local Department of Health, you’ll be advised on recommended next steps.
  • If you need to seek care, call ahead before going in person to any healthcare facility. Let them know your symptoms, how long you've had them and if you've been around someone COVID-19 positive.

Stay safe and treasure this Thanksgiving. Stay connected, stay close at heart and let’s all work together to get our COVID-19 cases down so we can be together again.

For the most-up-to-date COVID-19 information, check out our latest video update.