Uncomplicating Complex Contraception

Physician talking with African-American patient.

Published March 19, 2021

For some women, selecting what type of birth control to use isn’t as simple as it may be for others.

Some women have medical considerations that complicate their selection of birth control options, and they may benefit from seeing a physician who has additional training and expertise in complex contraception. With a complex contraception specialist, they find an option that fosters health and works for their lifestyle.

Why use a contraceptive?


Contraceptives are used primarily for pregnancy prevention, but can also be used to help manage difficult or painful periods, endometriosis and help spread out pregnancies as desired.

What would make me a candidate for complex contraception care?

When a medical condition, treatment or medication has an impact on a women’s ability to take birth control or affects its effectiveness, seeing a specialist should be considered.

Patients with the following conditions may benefit from our specialized services:

  • Difficult IUD or implant removals or insertions
  • Dissatisfaction or side-effects from previous or current contraceptive methods
  • Clotting or bleeding disorder
  • History of/current cancer
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Migraines
  • Seizure disorders
  • Obesity and/or bariatric surgery patients
  • Pediatric patients or developmental delay
  • Transplantation or dialysis
  • Teratogenic mediations (eg Accutane)
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Uterine anomaly

Additionally, those on medications that may decrease contraception effectiveness may benefit from consultation with our team.

Where could I go for this care?

UBMD Obstetrics & Gynecology’s Complex Contraception and Family Planning is led by Rachelle St. Onge MD, MPH, a gynecologist and obstetrician with a specialty focus on complex contraception. Additionally, Dr. St. Onge is an assistant professor at the University at Buffalo, training the healthcare providers of tomorrow.

These services, provided at our Williamsville office, offers full-service women’s wellness, including on-site ultrasound services for exams, identifying source of pelvic pain and ultrasound-guided contraceptives, as well as prenatal care.

Is this covered by insurance?

If your insurance covers regular obstetrics and gynecology appointments, an appointment with a complex contraceptive specialist is likely covered as well.

For more information about our services or to make an appointment, call 716.636.8284.