John, Canty, Jr.

Specialty: Apoptosis and cell death; Cardiac pharmacology; Gene Therapy; Genomics and proteomics; Cardiology; Cardiovascular Disease; Molecular Basis of Disease; Stem Cells

Location(s): Buffalo General Medical Center (Buffalo)
Phone: 716-859-5600
Thomas, Cimato

Specialty: Gene Expression; Genomics and proteomics; Cardiology; Cardiopulmonary physiology; Cardiovascular Disease; Immunology; Inflammation; Molecular and Cellular Biology; Critical Care Medicine; Progenitor Cells; Signal Transduction; Stem Cells

Location(s): Buffalo General Medical Center (Buffalo); UBMD Internal Medicine - Amherst Site (Amherst)
Phone: 716-961-9900
Taosheng, Huang
Huang, Taosheng, MD, Ph.D.

Specialty: Genomics and proteomics; Clinical Biochemical Genetics; Clinical Genetics; Clinical Molecular Genetics; Inherited Metabolic Disorders; Clinical Research; Metabolism; Molecular and Cellular Biology; Molecular Basis of Disease; Molecular genetics; Metabolic Disorders; Molecular diagnostics; Pediatric Genetics; Pediatrics

Location(s): Conventus (Buffalo)
Phone: (716) 323-0040
Richard, Quigg

Specialty: Autoimmunity; Bioinformatics; Genomics and proteomics; Immunology; Molecular Basis of Disease; Internal Medicine; Nephrology

Location(s): Erie County Medical Center (Buffalo); UBMD Internal Medicine at Amherst (Williamsville)
Phone: 716.898.4803
Animesh, Sinha

Specialty: Autoimmunity; Gene Expression; Genomics and proteomics; Immunology; Dermatology

Location(s): (Williamsville)
Phone: (716) 204-8730
Kinga, Szigeti

Specialty: Alzheimer Disease / Memory Disorders; Genomics and proteomics; Immunology; Ion channel kinetics and structure; Molecular genetics; Neurobiology; Stem Cells; Neurology

Location(s): UBMD Neurology at Conventus (Buffalo)
Phone: (716) 829-5056