Compliance Hotline & Reporting

UBMD Compliance Hotline:


It is the responsibility and duty of all UBMD employees to immediately report any known or suspected misconduct, violations of law, or other wrongdoing.

The Compliance Hotline was established to allow employees to confidentially report known or suspected fraud or abuse, potential problems or concerns, violations of law, and HIPAA related concerns.

The Compliance Hotline is a voicemail box regularly monitored during business hours.  When calling the Hotline, you may remain anonymous if you wish, but it is necessary that you provide all relevant information to the incident being reported:

  • Practice Plan/Department;
  • Date(s) & time(s) of incident(s);
  • Detailed description of the incident or behavior in question;
  • Name(s) of the person in question;
  • Any other pertinent information.

This is a voicemail box, not monitored 24/7. It is monitored only during regular business hours. If there is an immediate compliance issue, contact your direct supervisor or a member of the compliance team.

All UBMD offices should have a Compliance Hotline flier displayed where it is visible to all employees. For a printable PDF copy of the Hotline flier, click here.

Compliance Issue Reporting Form

As an added reporting option, we offer a Compliance Issue Reporting Form, which also allows anonymous reporting if you wish.  Print the form, fill it out as completely as possible, and return to the Compliance Office via email, fax or U.S. Mail.  (Note that email may not be anonymous.) 

You can obtain a printable pdf copy of the form, or fill out and submit the form now by clicking here.

Both the Hotline flier and Compliance Issue Reporting form may also be obtained by contacting the Compliance Office.

UBMD employees who report actual or potential violations or compliance concerns in good faith, regardless of whether or not a violation is found to have occurred, shall not be subject to retaliation, retribution or harassment.

UBMD Compliance Hotline