Practice Plan Compliance Contacts

UBMD Anesthesiology
Mark Lema, MD, Chair
Phone: 716.829.6102 | Email

UBMD Dermatology
Gary Edmonds, IT Manager, Privacy Officer
Phone: 716.898.5333 | Email

UBMD Emergency Medicine
Jackie O'Lay, Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 716.645.9708 | Email

UBMD Family Medicine
Casey Schroeder, Practice Facilitation Manager, Privacy Officer
Phone: 716.829.3734 | Email

UBMD Internal Medicine
Gary Edmonds, IT Manager, Privacy Officer
Phone: 716.898.5333 | Email

UBMD Neurology
Denise Marino, Staff Assistant
Phone: 716.878.2499 | Email

UB Neurosurgery
Michael Cournyea, CEO
Phone: 716.218.1030 x7175 | Email

UBMD Nuclear Medicine
Robert Miletich, MD, Interim Chair
Phone: 716.838.5889 ext. 110 | Email

UBMD Obstetrics & Gynecology
Maria Schenk, Clinical Practice Administrator
Phone: 716.323.0715 | Email

UBMD Ophthalmology at the Ross Eye Institute
Tom Huebsch, CFO
Phone: 716.881.7922 | Email

UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
Peter Rossow, Director of Audit & Education
Phone: 716.888.4702 | Email

UBMD Otolaryngology
David Sherris, MD, Chair
Phone: 716.884.5102 | Email

UBMD Pathology
Anna Elkin, Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 716.626.7944 | Email

UBMD Pediatrics
Gwen Spann, Billing/Compliance Officer
Phone: 716.929.4600 | Email

UBMD Psychiatry
Agnes Macakanja, Billing Manager/Compliance Coordinator
Phone: 716.898.4968 | Email

UBMD Radiology
Amber Dinatale, Practice Plan Administrator
Phone: 716.536.4646 ext. 310 | Email

UBMD Surgery
Elaine Guyton, Human Resources Manager
Phone: 716.898.5009 | Email

UBMD Urology
Steven Crowe, Program Coordinator
Phone: 716.859.3760 | Email

UBMD Compliance Hotline