UBMD's Compliance Plan

Code of Conduct and Policies & Procedures

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The healthcare environment is a complicated one that continues to rapidly evolve, creating increasing complexity and a very highly regulated environment.  The UBMD Compliance Plan was created to assist employees in conducting themselves in a manner that ensures successful compliance with all healthcare laws, rules and regulations.  It is not just a binder to be placed on a shelf and forgotten, but a living document that is a part of all daily operations. 

It is the responsibility of all UBMD practice personnel to always follow UBMD’s Compliance Plan.  Without exception, the UBMD Policies & Procedures and Code of Conduct within the Compliance Plan apply to every colleague, physician/provider, staff member, Governing Board member and Board of Director member. 

For easy reference, some of the most often asked about policies are availble to the left. Click here to view the entire UBMD Compliance Plan.

The UBMD Compliance Plan was created based on the OIG’s Seven Essential Elements of an Effective Compliance Program, which are based on the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. An 8th element is now often included: Non-Retaliation.

The various sections of our Compliance Plan focus on these elements, describing them in more detail, and providing the policies and procedures that all UBMD employees are expected and required to follow at all times while performing their daily work. 

The Compliance Plan is not a binder to just be placed on a shelf and gather dust. It is a living document. An active application of the Compliance Plan’s policies and procedures on a daily basis, by all UBMD employees, will ensure that full compliance is achieved in our organization.

All UBMD employees should have easy access to a copy of the Compliance Plan, and are strongly encouraged to use it as a tool to guide them in the activities and services they perform each and every day on behalf of UBMD. 

All new hires should be given a copy of the Compliance Plan, and complete Compliance Plan training. They should also be given a “Compliance Plan and Code of Conduct Employee Acknowledgement” to sign, acknowledging that they received the Compliance Plan and understand their responsibilities. The signed acknowledgement should be kept in their Human Resources file.

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