Conflict of Interest Policy

All UBMD employees are prohibited from engaging in any activity, practice or act of financial interest that conflicts with or appears to conflict with the interests of UBMD or any professional setting where the employee engages in the practice of medicine. A conflict of interest may occur if an employee’s outside activities or personal interests influence or appear to influence his or her ability to make objective decisions on the job. A conflict of interest may also exist if the demands of outside activities hinder or distract the employee from the performance of his or her job or cause the employee to use UBMD resources for purposes not related to UBMD business. Therefore, employees should avoid any actions that might lead someone to believe there is a conflict of interest. Questions regarding conflicts of interest should be directed to a supervisor, compliance coordinator or the UBMD Compliance Officer.

In addition to this Conflict of Interest statement, UBMD has a Conflict of Interest Policy for its Officers, Directors and key employees.

UBMD Compliance Hotline