Non-Retaliation Policy


The UBMD Compliance Office and UBMD management shall maintain an open-door policy for employees to report problems and concerns, and assure employees that UBMD encourages the reporting of problems without fear of retaliation. 

UBMD employees who report actual or potential violations or compliance concerns in good faith, regardless of whether or not a violation is found to have occurred, shall not be subject to retaliation, retribution, or harassment. No UBMD directors, officers, employees, or volunteers who in good faith report any action or suspected action that is illegal, fraudulent, or in violation of any adopted policies shall suffer intimidation, harassment, discrimination, or other retaliation or adverse employment consequences.

No UBMD directors, officers, employees, or volunteers shall engage in, or condone acts of, retaliation, retribution, discrimination or harassment against other employees for reporting compliance-related concerns. Retaliation is a violation of this Compliance Plan, and will not be tolerated. Any reports of such retaliation, retribution, or harassment will be thoroughly investigated, and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.    

Employees cannot exempt themselves from the consequences of wrongdoing by self-reporting. However, self-reporting may be taken into account in determining the appropriate disciplinary action.

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